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Our RCDT 3.0 module system represents the pinnacle of our technology, boasting the world’s largest DT module with membrane areas of up to 13m² per module. This innovative design provides our customers with exceptional membrane lifespan, with experiences of up to 5 years. With over 500 million cubic meters of wastewater treated worldwide, our plants have gained international recognition for their outstanding performance and reliability.

Not only do our systems offer high corrosion stability and longevity, but they also boast minimal energy consumption, requiring only 6.3 kWh per cubic meter of raw water. This combination of efficiency and effectiveness ensures that your wastewater treatment processes are both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Module replacement - Easy Click

EASY CLICK is  ROTREAT’s patent  for an easy way to exchange modules directly on site by the customer’s own work force.
  • Save up to 50% of costs compared to standard DT module
  • Quick availabilty of the EASY CLICK exchange modules 
  • The customer gets the EASY CLICK Modul ready for assembling, including “How-to-do”-Instructions
  • Less weight – less transport costs
  • Membrane area from 7 – 12 m² per module available

Download PDF: EasyClick-Rotreat