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Landfill leachate treatment systems

Slovakia - Leachate treatment Reverse Osmosis RCDT unit

Reverse Osmosis plant using disc tube module technology RCDT XXL 22/6


Leachate treatment plant with 2 RO stages using disc tube modules technology (RCDT module). The plant is bult in a 40 foot container with tank system, stipper, sand filter prefiltration, first stage Reverse Osmosis (RO1) with 22 RCDT XXl modules, second stage Revese Osmosis (RO2) with 6 RCDT XXL modules.

The capacity is 80 m3/h leachate inlet, and the design was for 25.000 µS/cm.

Romania - 3 stage RO RCDT 2.0 with double degasser

Rotreat successfully made the installation and the
start up including commission within 6 days of the 3 stage reverse
osmosis plant ”RO RCDT XXL 2×30/15/SW10” designed for landfill
leachate, meeting the very low restrictions of 2 mg/l NH4.

Capacity: 170m³/d

Design parameters: 20.000µS/cm, NH4 2.000mg/l, COD 22.000mg/l


Installation, start up and commissioning was done in 3 weeks only!

Capacity: 600 m³ / day

Modules: RCDT XXL 168 / 54 / M-HP36

Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The start up of unit RO RCDT XXL 12, 40m³/day, has been done successfully.
Yozgat, Turkey

2 stage RO RCDT unit for landfill leachate treatment delivered and started up for the city of Yozgat, Turkey.

Capacity: 35 m³/day

Module: RCDT XXL 12/3