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General Information​
We are technology leaders in the wastewater treatment industry!
RCDT 3.0 Module

Welcome to ROTREAT Abwasserreinigung GmbH, a leading provider of advanced membrane filtration plants since our establishment in 1993. We specialize in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge solutions for wastewater and seawater treatment.” Our flagship product, the Radial Channel Disc Tube (RCDT) 3.0 module system, serves as proof of our commitment to delivering economically efficient reverse osmosis devices.

At ROTREAT, we understand the diverse needs of businesses when it comes to wastewater treatment. Our membrane filtration plants are designed to cater to various water qualities, making them suitable for the purification of landfill leachate, industrial wastewater (pharmaceutical, textile, brewing, etc.), and more. Through our cross-flow filtration process driven by pressure, our systems effectively separate low-molecular substances and inorganic salts, ensuring optimal results across different applications.

We are proud to show numbers

Waste Water Treated

Million m³ of wastewater have been treated worldwide in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. Our advanced plants and technologies provide a sustainable solution for wastewater challenges.

Membrane Area

Our RCDT 3.0 modules offer the largest membrane area in the world, with up to 13m² per module. This innovative technology enables effective and efficient reverse osmosis for wastewater and seawater treatment.

Recovery Rate

Our plants achieve impressive recovery rates of up to 90%. Through the utilization of advanced technologies and processes, we maximize the yield of purified water and minimize waste.

Worldwide Network

With locations in over 30 countries worldwide, we are able to provide our high-quality wastewater treatment plants and solutions on a global scale. Our international network allows us to meet local requirements and ensure sustainable water purification.
OUR flexible solutions

Choose ROTREAT for tailor-made water treatment solutions, including flexible plants for changing water quality. Achieve high recovery rates and access rental and emergency systems for unforeseen challenges.


Experience the pinnacle of water treatment technology with our RCDT 3.0 module system. Enjoy exceptional membrane lifespan, high corrosion stability, and minimal energy consumption for environmentally friendly and cost-efficient wastewater treatment.

About Us

Discover ROTREAT, a leading water treatment solutions provider. With our expert team, we deliver tailor-made solutions, exceptional service, and cutting-edge technology for efficient and sustainable operations.


Explore ROTREAT's proven technology for leachate and wastewater challenges. Contact us for discussions, site visits, and witness the effectiveness of our advanced filtration systems. Trust us for sustainable and efficient operations.


With global presence in Australia, Austria, China, Germany, and more, ROTREAT is the trusted partner in wastewater treatment. Experience our quality, research-driven solutions for reliable and efficient operations.

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As a subsidiary of Hydreatio, we leverage their expertise in water circularity to deliver innovative and sustainable water solutions for your needs. Explore Hydreatio's comprehensive portfolio of services and equipment to discover the broader scope of our capabilities.