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When you choose ROTREAT, you benefit from tailor-made solutions that address your specific requirements. Our plants are designed to be flexible, granting them the ability to cope with changing water quality containing highly colloidal substances. Whether you need a standard modular plant capable of handling volumes from 0.5 m³/h to 15 m³/h or a larger-scale solution, our team will work closely with you to deliver the ideal system.

By implementing our membrane filtration plants, your company can achieve impressive recovery rates of up to 90%.

Furthermore, we understand that urgent situations may arise, where immediate solutions are required. That’s why we offer rental systems and emergency options, providing containerized plants with capacities of up to 150m³/d. These systems allow you to address unforeseen challenges or manage seasonal hydraulic peaks, even when financial resources are limited.


Sometimes urgent problems have to be solved and the necessary financial funds are not available. In such a case the alternative is a containerized rental system with capacities up to 150m³/d installed in one 40 foot container. Depending on the site preparation, installation times including startup of 2 days are experienced. ROTREAT disposes of a pool of leachate treatment plants which can be made available at very short notice. Thus it is also possible to treat seasonal hydraulic peaks, which cannot be managed by an already existing plant

Rotreat RCDT 3.0 operates at anytime Guaranteed!
Test Instalation Time: 2 Days on Site